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   Welcome to the NEW Wild Bunch Car Club web site. There have been some changes in the past few months so it is time to get going with some of the same old/same old and more of the new as we have  gained some new blood.....The basic premise of the club has always been the average guy who enjoys the car hobby, Not the "I had it built at ------'s shop and I've never turned a wrench" type.

        We are always looking for new members or people to link with.....If this sounds like a club for you, contact us

        at  Tell'em Dave sent ya!!!!!!


        2017 Cruise Season !!!

         Another season of shows, cruises and racing events is in full swing.   A car show or cruise can be cheap entertainment compared to other forms. The return of Cruising on Van Nuys Blvd in 2009 was a blast but alas is gone once more. Pack a cooler and head out, even just for a ride and enjoy the time behind the wheel. Cheaper than a ball game! 

       Cruise Cool in 2017!!!